Style Rules

1. Photos

2. Videos


So that we can post your ad, it must have at least 1 photo that complies with the following rules:

  • Good quality
    Photos must not be blurry or too dark.

  • Text and accessories
    You may not retouch photos or add text or stickers of any kind.
    You may not show your name or telephone number in your photos.
    If you want to hide your face, you must blur or pixellate it. You may not hide it with an emoji, heart or any other kind of image.

  • cruelty_free

    Childish environment
    Photos including which elements that could be considered childlike are not allowed, such as: teddy bears, toys, schoolgirl uniforms, desks, sheets or curtains featuring childish patterns, etc.

  • Photo collages
    You may not upload photos created using other, smaller photos pasted together. Upload those photos one by one.

  • Catalogue photos
    If you need to upload photos of sex toys, candles, towels, etc., they must be original photos taken by you.
    Therefore, photos extracted from catalogues taken by third parties are not permitted.

  • Body parts
    An ad may not contain only photos that are close-ups of parts of your body.

  • Duplicate photos
    If two photos look so much alike that they are almost the same, one of them will be considered a duplicate.

  • Drawings
    Real people must appear in the photos. Photos that are drawings are not permitted.

  • Repeated covers
    All the photos in your ad are covers of other already posted ads. An ad’s cover cannot be repeated.

  • Competitors
    Photos featuring watermarks, logos or superimposed links will not be permitted.


The videos must comply with the same style rules as photos, as well as these additional rules:

  • Copyright
    Videos that violate copyright are not permitted.

Videos in which the image is excessively static or which consist of a sequence of photos are not permitted.