Legal Texts

1. Terms and conditions

1.1. Ownership of the website

This legal notice and information (hereinafter, the “Legal Notice”) regulates the use of the Internet portal service (hereinafter, LOCANTO69) that New All Digital Marketing (hereinafter, NADM) makes available to Internet users.

LOCANTO is managed and commercially exploited by NADM with Unified Identification Register Company number: 13545217 and address at 128 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX

For any effective communication with the Company, please contact

1.2. Acceptance of Terms of Use

The use of the Portal attributes the condition of website user (hereinafter, the “User”) and implies full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the provisions included in this Legal Notice in the version published by NADM at the time the User accesses the Website. Consequently, the User must carefully read this Legal Notice each time he or she intends to use the Portal, as it may be modified.

NADM reserves the right to modify the conditions of use of LOCANTO69, it is the User’s obligation to periodically review these conditions.

The present general conditions of use do not exclude the possibility that certain services of the portal, due to their particular characteristics, may also be subject to particular conditions of use, which, in any case, may be consulted by the user before activation.

1.3. Purpose

NADM, through LOCANTO69, offers the following contents, services, benefits and activities: “Advertising services through online directories of contacts of escorts and professionals in the sector, through advertisements published by the professionals themselves, and dissemination of the same”.

NADM may, always depending on the development and evolution of the company and the sector, extend or modify its portal to new services, activities or contents, in order to improve the services and the quality of the service provided.

1.4. Conditions of access and use of the portal, acceptance and responsibility of the user

1.4.1. User’s age of majority

Access to LOCANTO69 is exclusively for people over 18 years old.

NADM may terminate without notice and immediately to those users who, given their circumstances, do not meet or there are indications that they may not meet the requirement of majority.

Users are informed that the existence of mechanisms created by third parties and available via the Internet, in particular filtering and blocking software, which allow the available content to be limited and, although they are not infallible, are particularly useful for controlling and restricting the materials to which minors may have access.

1.4.2. User condition, quality and concept

User means any natural or legal person of legal age who accesses LOCANTO, to contemplate, visualise, investigate, search or consult its content, publish an advertisement offering him/herself as an escort or companion, contact a companion or search and locate any offer of interest to him/her.

To access the portal for the sole purpose of consulting, searching or viewing information, no prior, express and accepted registration as a registered user of the portal or communicate their data will be necessary. However, the use of certain services, such as the insertion of an advertisement to be offered as a companion or escort or the request for any of the services offered by the portal, may be subject to prior registration.

In these cases, it will be necessary the formal registration of the user or the communication of the data by filling in the electronic form that appears in the portal.

It is essential that the user freely, expressly and voluntarily delivers, communicates and authorises the processing of his/her personal data, as well as its transfer to all those people who are interested in him/her.

To this end, the User must accept LOCANTO69’s privacy policy prior to sending his/her personal data.

1.4.3. Conditions of contract of the advertisement, price and withdrawal

The publication of an advertisement in some cities of the portal has no cost, which is why we say that advertising is free. In those cities where gratuity is not indicated, to publish an ad it is necessary to contract an additional advertising package.

When contracting an advertisement as a companion in LOCANTO69, NADM will send to the e-mail address or telephone number that the registered User has indicated, the content of the aforementioned advertisement for the purpose of confirming both the ownership and its content for its definitive publication in LOCANTO69.

Posting of ads will only be permitted for Users who have duly completed the registration process on the Website and their identity has been verified in accordance with that set out in sections 1.4.1. and 1.4.2.

1.4.4. Diligent use of the portal

The user acknowledges and accepts that the use of the contents and/or services offered by the Portal will be at his/her exclusive risk and/or responsibility.

The user, understanding as user the escorts and any person who accesses the portal in search of company or as mere consultation, undertakes to use the portal and services in accordance with the law, with the general conditions, the particular conditions of certain services and other notices, regulations of use and instructions brought to their attention, as well as morality and generally accepted good customs and public order. Likewise, they undertake to make adequate use of the services and/or contents of the portal and not to use them to carry out illicit or criminal activities that infringe the rights of third parties and/or infringe the regulation on industrial and intellectual property, or any other norms of the applicable legal system.

The user undertakes not to introduce or disseminate in the portal viruses or harmful systems liable to cause damage to the computer systems of NADM, its customers, third parties or third users, and not to introduce hyperlinks that allow access to the web pages of the portal and services without proper consent.

The user agrees and undertakes not to take any action that undermines the reputation of NADM or third parties.

1.5. Accuracy of information

The information provided by the user must at all times be complete, truthful, the user being responsible for all statements, data, content, information and details that are false, vague or inaccurate. In the case of the communication of personal data in the fulfillment of the customer registration forms and the publication of an offer, this information must be true, accurate and coincident.

The user agrees to and undertakes to communicate any change or future modification of their personal data, adapting them accordingly to their real situation. The inaccuracy of the information, exempts NADM from any responsibility for the lack of information of the user in relation to the offers and services, provided that NADM had acted with due diligence in their communications. In any case, the user will be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made and the damages caused to NADM or third parties for the information provided. For the purposes of this contract, the use of nicknames or pseudonyms to identify users on the portal shall not be considered untrue, provided that this does not constitute an obstacle to knowing the real identity of the users or to carrying out the corresponding charges for the services contracted to NADM.

In the event that NADM becomes aware that a user has provided false information and/or images it will deactivate the ad in question immediately and without notice, without prejudice to possible actions that it may deem appropriate and without refunding the amount paid, for the purposes of covering the administrative cost of removal.

1.6. NADM Code of Ethics

NADM has a firm commitment to the dignity, wellbeing and rights of its users, their families and any person participating in the activities of NADM. NADM advocates these ethical values, which are present in all of the Company’s activities and actions.

In this sense, NADM, in accordance with applicable legislation, rejects and takes all possible measures to avoid, any type of conduct which involves a third party benefiting from promoting, favouring or enabling in any way the practice of prostitution or sexual acts by a person.

Similarly, NADM is against and condemns any use of threat, force or other forms of coercion (fraud, trickery or abuse of power or situations involving vulnerability), in order to exploit a person professionally, sexually, in servitude, organ trafficking, begging and other practices analogous with slavery.

NADM warns all users that the aforementioned conducts constitute crimes, and they can and will be legally pursued.

For this reason, being aware of the need to perform certain actions, NADM has established the strictest policies and protocols for combating and preventing any conduct by users that may involve non-compliance with applicable legislation or a risk to the treatment of people in any form, particularly that which concerns sexual exploitation.

Similarly, NADM complies with and respects current legislation, having a loyal and transparent relationship with the authorities and with other national and international governmental bodies, as well as a firm commitment to cooperate in the combating of any type of crime.

1.7. Publication rules

NADM publications must comply with current legislation. It is prohibited, in any case, the publication of advertisements that include, indicate or promote sexual, racial, religious discrimination or any other violation of fundamental rights and freedoms recognized by the law; that induce or lead to erroneous conclusions due to inaccuracy, omission or similar; that contain false or expired information; which infringe legal or regulatory rules on the secrecy of communications, intellectual property, the right to honour and personal privacy, or which incorporate violent or degrading content, messages or products, and in particular those which may simulate experiences with minors or incite, in any way, child prostitution. NADM reserves the right, if necessary, to reject or modify an advertisement so that it complies with the rules of publication.

Additionally, you must not post information or content which:

  • Belongs to third parties, without their prior authorisation.
  • Contains malware, viruses, or other software or programmes that could have a detrimental effect on the functioning of the website or on third parties.
  • Is objectionable or in any way inappropriate in accordance with NADM criteria.

NADM reserves the right, under any circumstances, to reject an ad which fails to comply with the aforementioned posting rules, as well as to remove or cancel the account of the User not complying with said rules, at any time and without prior communication.

By publishing any ad, the user declares that they are acting alone, working as a companion freely and of her own volition.

The ad poster must provide their services personally and individually. The posting of ads on the behalf of third parties who benefit from promoting or enabling services provided by another person is prohibited. In the event that NADM detects such a situation, the ad or content will be removed and the poster will have no recourse to any refund in part or whole.

1.7.1. Non-compliance with Posting Rules or with these Terms and Conditions

NADM has no obligation to review, edit or monitor content uploaded by users, and users are fully responsible for content, but NADM reserves the right to do so.

NADM may deactivate an ad, cancel a user account or delete part or all of the content and information posted by a user, at any time and without notice, if NADM determines at their sole discretion that these Posting Rules, terms and conditions or the law have not been complied with, or for any other reason. In addition, NADM reserves the right to restrict, suspend or revoke, temporarily or permanently, a user’s access to the website, ability to post ads, or any other functionality of the website.

In the event that these terms and conditions are not complied with, specifically these Posting Rules, NADM reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to:

  • Retain the amount paid by the user for the purposes of covering the administrative cost of removal for non-compliance.
  • Only when the fault detected constitutes a breach of the Style Rules, refund the unused portion of the services from the date of the advertisement’s deactivation, after a period of 10 days during which the advertiser may rectify the situation.

NADM is not responsible for ads, information or content deactivated due to non-compliance with these terms and conditions.

In the event that any information or content contrary to the Posting Rules or terms and conditions is detected, that which is set out in section 1.9 will be pursued.

1.8. Advertising Products and Ad Activation Policy

1.8.1. Type of advertising products

LOCANTO69 offers the following types of advertising products in relation to advertisements:

  • Automatic Push-ups.
  • Package Push-ups (subject to availability according to country).
  • Featured ad.

The number of publications that are included within the Featured ad category may vary depending on the resolution of the user’s device. All Featured ad products contracted by population randomly rotate during the term of the advertising product.

1.8.2. Validation of advertisements and publication period

The activation of the previous advertising products will take place once the payment has been confirmed by NADM. In the case of payment using the online payment system (POS) available through the Web Site or other online payment methods, the activation will take place at the same time that payment is confirmed, in most cases immediately. In the case of other non-electronic means (bank transfer or other), the verification and confirmation of payment will be done manually by NADM, so it may take up to 4 working days.

Once the payment has been confirmed, the advertisement will be published with the characteristics of the advertising product contracted.

1.8.3. Price of products

The price of the advertising products will be indicated at the time of contracting, once the characteristics of the advertisement have been specified and the available options have been selected.

The final rate may vary depending on the population of each advertiser that will determine the supply and demand of the population.

The rates are valid from the time the product is contracted until the end of the contracted period.

Before confirmation and payment, the final price of contracting the corresponding product will be indicated, which will include the applicable taxes and any other applicable expenses.

1.8.4. Payment methods

The available payment methods will be indicated to the user at the time of the payment.

All NADM payment systems are secure. NADM will not have access to bank or card details.

1.8.5. Withdrawal and Refunds

In accordance with current regulations, the User can exercise their right to withdrawal within fourteen calendar days from request of the insertion of the ad on LOCANTO69 , as long as said ad has not been posted to the portal. Given the nature of the service, the posting of the ad will equate to provision of the contract, meaning that no withdrawal is possible after this date. In order to exercise the aforementioned right we request that you contact the following email address

In order to exercise right of withdrawal indicated above, you can use the document we place at your disposal. Click here to download it.

As indicated in section 1.7.1. Non-compliance with Posting Rules or with these Terms and Conditions, when an advertisement is deactivated temporarily for non-compliance with the Style Rules, the advertiser will be immediately notified that they have 10 days in which to rectify the situation which has given rise to said temporary suspension. If after this time period the situation has not been rectified, they will be automatically refunded the proportional part of their unused advertisement from the date of its deactivation.

1.8.6. Quality of the photographs of the advertisements.

The User acknowledges that the quality of the photographs included in the advertisements may differ from the originals depending on the technical means from which they are viewed.

1.9. Procedure in case of improper activities, incorrect or fraudulent data

In the event that any User or third party considers that there are facts or circumstances that reveal the undue character of any Content and/or the performance of any activity in locanto69, and, in particular, the publication of inconsistent images, violation of intellectual property rights, breach of duties and obligations under these conditions or the violation of any other rights, must send a notification to NADM containing the following points:

  • Personal data of the claimant: name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.
  • Specification of the supposed illicit activity carried out in LOCANTO69 and, in particular, when it is a supposed violation of rights, precise and concrete indication of the protected contents, as well as their location in LOCANTO69.
  • Facts or circumstances revealing the unlawful nature of the activity.
  • In the event of violation of rights, handwritten signature or equivalent, with the personal data of the owner of the rights allegedly infringed or the person authorized to act on behalf of the latter.
  • Express, clear and under the responsibility of the claimant that the information provided in the notification is accurate and of the undue use of the contents or the performance of the activities described.

In particular, the user must inform NADM of the publication of unconsensual images, the publication of advertisements offering the commercialisation of organs, services derived from labour or sexual exploitation, or offering the performance of criminal activities. Likewise, the user must notify NADM of any breach of the duties and obligations set out in these conditions or the infringement of any other rights by any user, including the violation of intellectual property rights.

NADM will proceed immediately to adopt the measures for the correction or elimination, as the case may be, of the mentioned contents.

1.9.1. Withdrawal of unauthorised adverts or content posted by third parties

LOCANTO69 strives to maintain the website up-to-date and with truthful data. However, if you see an advert posted which contains your phone number, photographs or any other information used without your consent, you should follow the below steps in order to help LOCANTO69 remove this content as quickly as possible.

  • If your phone number has been used in a post:
    Within the advert itself, go to the previous screen for the control panel (“Manage your ad”) and request the deletion of the advert by clicking on “Send SMS”. Once your request has been received, an SMS will automatically be sent to the phone number in the advert with a link which you can use to access the control panel and remove the post.
  • If your information or photographs have been used:
    You should report the advert in question using the contact form or by emailing info@locanto69, with a link to the advert, indicating the non-authorised usage and requesting its removal. Our support team will be in contact within 24 hours (on weekdays) in order to verify the ownership of the photographs or information.
  • In the event of any other type of complaint not foreseen in the previous sections, relating to ads, content, website, and others, the complainant should use the contact form or email at, to indicate the reasons for their report.

The NADM team will check all notifications or complaints and undertake the relevant checks in order that the content be removed from the Website within seven (7) working days if the allegations prove correct.

Once the relevant verification has taken place, the advert and content will be removed and it will not be possible in future to post a new advert with the same information.

1.10. Responsibility for the operation and content of the portal

1.10.1. Correct operation and continuous availability

NADM will not be responsible for failures in the functioning of the portal, as well as for interruptions, delays, slowness, losses or disconnections in communications and transmission of messages. NADM does not guarantee and is not responsible for the continuous, constant and uninterrupted operation of the portal.

1.10.2. Liability for damages to the user

Without prejudice to the effort made by NADM to implement the highest standards of technological quality NADM will not be responsible, directly or indirectly, for damages of any kind caused to the user as a result of the presence of viruses or other elements in the content and services of the portal that may cause alterations in the user’s computer system. Nor shall it be liable for damages and losses caused to the user by failures and errors in access, connections, transmissions, interruption without just cause of the service, intrusions, computer viruses, mass mailings from third parties or when the aforementioned causes are due to situations outside the portal such as defects in the user’s computer, deficient connection, internal viruses in the user’s computer, slowness and problems in communications that the user has with telephone operators, or when they are due to force majeure.

1.10.3. Responsibility for contents

The user who publishes an advertisement declares that there is no link of any nature between NADM and the contact information or personal page published in the advertisements. NADM does not have any type of relationship with the advertisers nor does it have any participation in the services that may be offered through them.

NADM will not provide, check or authorise the content of ads prior to their posting, so ad posters are fully responsible for the content of the ads and the information offered through this website. Similarly, the user knows the content of the services offered through the ads, so, by logging into this website, they expressly and tacitly accept their content and the legal consequences of non-compliance.

The user declares that the posting of their images and content included by them in the ad has been performed freely, voluntarily and with consent, and that they do not diminish or violate their right to Honour, Personal Privacy or Likeness.

NADM does not guarantee the quality, accuracy or reliability of the data, images, information or opinions, whatever their origin, circulating on the portal. The user assumes, under its sole responsibility, the consequences, damages or actions that may result from access to such content.

NADM reserves the right not to publish the advertisement of a companion if it does not conform to the minimum quality required of the web environment.

NADM does not profit, under any circumstances, from the provision of services of a sexual nature by other people, nor does it act as an intermediary in relation to said services. In this sense, NADM acts merely as an advertising platform on which ad posters, in a personal manner, can promote their professional services, without NADM partaking in any profit that such services may bring to the involved party.

NADM does not promote, encourage, facilitate, induce, deliver or offer, directly or through third parties, by means of physical or moral violence, deception or abuse of power, services obtained from sexual exploitation, forced labour or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or the removal of an organ, tissue or its components.

NADM reserves the right to remove all or part of an advertisement when there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the advertisement may constitute administrative or criminal conduct.

In the event of illegal content, please consult the fifth paragraph of these conditions of use on content removal.

1.10.4. Disclaimer of liability for third party links

NADM will not be responsible, directly or indirectly, for damages of any nature caused to the user as a result of their connection to other pages and portals that NADM exhibits in the portal as links (“links”). The user assumes sole responsibility for any damages that may occur as a result of the connection and display of such portals.

1.10.5. Liability for third parties

NADM will not be responsible either as a consequence of acts carried out by third parties outside the system, which, in breach of security measures, carry out acts against users such as sending computer viruses, mass advertising or spam, commercial mail, interruption of service and access to messages.

NADM is committed and ensures to have adopted all technical, organizational and legal measures for the security of communications, both in terms of secure connections and in terms of protection of personal data. What NADM cannot assure nor guarantee, and in this way, is exempted from any responsibility, is the total invulnerability of its security system or the inviolability of communications.

NADM is also not responsible for damages that may occur in cases of force majeure, fortuitous or not attributable to the company. Nor is it responsible for the improper functioning of the portal for reasons beyond its competence, such as, but not limited to, malfunction of telephone operators, poor configuration of the user’s computer or the insufficient capacity of the user’s computer system to support the content and extent of the information displayed on the portal. Nevertheless, NADM undertakes to make every effort to solve technical problems, correct them or help the user to solve them.

Users acknowledge that there is no employment or professional relationship with NADM other than the mere provision of advertising services described in these conditions of use. In the event that they provide services to third parties who have contacted them through this portal, they undertake to comply with current legislation.

1.11. Industrial and intellectual property of the website

NADM is the holder of the intellectual and industrial property rights, or has obtained the corresponding authorisations or licences for their exploitation, on the domain name, the trademarks and distinctive signs, the application, the information and the rest of the works and inventions related to LOCANTO69 and the technology associated to it, as well as on its contents.

The contents of LOCANTO69, including designs, applications, text, images and source code (“Content”), are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights.

In no way may the content be used, reproduced, copied or transmitted in any form without the prior, written and explicit permission of NADM.

LOCANTO69 is a registered trademark of NADM, whose exclusive exploitation rights belong to NADM.

1.12. Intellectual Property of User Files

The registered user who contracts the publication of an advertisement as a companion or escort must send images and text (“User Files”) to NADM in order to edit and design an Advertisement or card to advertise their services.

The User accepts that both the images and the texts will be made freely available to the rest of the users of LOCANTO69, without any limitation.

The User affirms to be the authentic owner of the mentioned images and declares himself to be the only person responsible for the User Files sent, accepting the consequences of its sending to LOCANTO69 and of its publication. The user affirms and/or guarantees to be the owner and/or to have all the necessary rights for the publication of the User files in LOCANTO69, authorizing, therefore, to NADM its edition, reproduction, distribution and public communication, as well as the use and exploitation in the form that they consider convenient, without any geographical or temporal limitation, always according to the purposes foreseen in LOCANTO69.

The User authorizes NADM to assign the images and texts, as well as any other work assigned to this company, for individual use or as part of the ad or file, in other media or websites with similar characteristics, with the aim of increasing the dissemination of the ads or files.

The user declares that the publication of his/her images and the contents provided by him/her has been carried out freely, consented and voluntarily, within the scope of his/her professional activity, and that it does not undermine or violate his/her right to Honour, Personal Intimacy and own Image.

1.13. Data protection and confidentiality

All users agree to comply with the privacy policy of the firm, in accordance with the provisions of our privacy policy.

1.14. Modifications to the website and suspension of service

1.14.1. Modifications to the website

NADM reserves the right at any time to make the changes it deems appropriate in the portal, organizing, deleting or adding content, data or services. These modifications will be carried out unilaterally and without prior notice. In relation to the general and particular conditions, NADM reserves the right to modify them, alter them and/or write new clauses depending on the new activities or services to which it extends or to adapt to new regulations and legislation that may arise. Said modifications shall only be obligatory as of their entry into force and shall be applicable to the user at the same time the portal is accessed.

1.14.2. Suspension of service

NADM reserves the right to suspend unilaterally and without notice the service, or deny access to the portal, temporarily or indefinitely, to any user who breaches these general or particular conditions, or carries out illegal, illegal and contrary to law, public order and good customs.

1.15. Duration, termination and resolution

The provision of the portal’s services and its functioning is, in principle, of an indefinite nature. However, NADM may temporarily suspend the service or terminate it definitively, at any time or instant, with justified cause. In these cases, NADM undertakes by means of warnings to inform the users of the suspension or temporary or definitive interruption.

In the event of unilateral termination of the service or forced termination of the portal, NADM will inform you beforehand of the causes of its termination. In these cases, NADM undertakes to store the information stored on its server for a period of ten calendar days, after which it will block them in the manner provided for in current legislation on the protection of personal data, without this fact being able to require any liability.

1.16. Legislation and Jurisdiction

All matters relating to the Portal are governed in each and every one of its extremes by London, United Kingdom law and are subject to the jurisdiction of the competent Courts and Tribunals of  London, United Kingdom territory.

The parties, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction, accept United Kingdom law as the governing law of this contract in the event of a dispute over the interpretation or execution of these clauses, and submit to the Courts and Tribunals of London for the resolution of any disputes that may arise therefrom.

2. Privacy policy

Below, we explain you our Privacy Policy that describes how, under what legal conditions and why we treat the personal data of our users, always protected by our commitment to privacy and security of information of our users’ data, based on the principles of confidentiality, integrity, transparency and availability.

Its purpose is that users of (hereinafter, LOCANTO69) are informed of the uses and processing of their personal data, including images of the user, where appropriate, if this provides, for the creation, edition, design and publication of an “Ad” as a companion or escort in LOCANTO69, managing the registration as a registered user of the portal, as well as sending information and newsletters on information related to our services based on the legitimate interest of New All Digital Marketing (hereinafter, NADM).

The Privacy Policy may be updated periodically in order to clarify or reflect new practices in the management of the privacy of our users or legal changes that may apply. All changes to the Privacy Policy will be notified to users through notices on its own website so that you have access and knowledge of them.

2.1. Data controller

(NADM) is responsible for processing your personal data, who collects, processes and uses the personal information of the users of this Website (LOCANTO69) in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

2.1.1. Data Protection Officer

Due to the type of data processed by NADM, and in accordance with article 37 of the GDPR, as the data controller, we must appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO), whose data is made available to users:


2.2. Situations in which we treat information about our users

2.2.1. When we collect your personal data:

We treat your data whenever:

  • You visit our website.
  • You contact us through the e-mail address or through the different contact forms available on the website.
  • You interact, connect or link to our website through social networking tools, blogs or other websites.

2.2.2. What personal information we may treat:

We give you information about the data we may process when you interact with us:

  • Personally Identifiable and Contact Information.
    We will treat your basic identification data (name and surname) and the contact data to locate you (e-mail and/or telephone) when you voluntarily provide them to us via e-mail and the different contact forms or other means of communication that we make available to you.
  • Technical information about your device and internet connection.
    Through logs and other tools, we record information about the device and your internet connection, including the operating system used and other unique identifiers. This type of information is generally used in aggregate form to analyze how you use our website and the services offered through it, and to make improvements in our service.
  • Information on the use of our services.
    We record the activity you carry out on the website, as well as the visits you make for the purposes of, among others, preventing fraud, improving our services and providing personalized services, recommendations and advertising.
  • Location information.
    By using our services, you will have the possibility of using geolocation services that will allow us to better adjust the services we offer you.

2.3. Purposes of the processing of personal data

In view of the foregoing, and by virtue of the formalised relationship between the parties, the user is informed and accepts that his/her professional data, as well as those considered to be of a personal nature, are published in LOCANTO69 for the communication of the same to any person interested in accompanying or escort services.

NADM informs that professional data, as well as those that may be considered special categories of data according to regulations, including images or videos, communicated by the user, will be used for the following specific and concrete purposes:

  • Contact the user.
    In the event that you use any of the forms available to contact us, and after accepting the privacy policy, you give us your consent so that the personal data and other information you provide us with in this form will be used to contact you and deal with queries, requests for information, complaints, suggestions and other questions that you put to us through the means available for this purpose (e-mail, contact forms, etc.).
  • Process the registration in the portal as a registered user.
  • Publish and publicly communicate in LOCANTO69 the personal data provided for the contracted service.
  • Management, intermediation and administration of offers and published announcements.
    NADM will process the data of LOCANTO69 users who send communications and messages to the Advertisers through the web. In these cases, the data will only be used to manage such communication between Advertisers and users.
  • Receive, manage and process requests received via content report channels. Upon receiving a request through this channel, NADM will check the veracity of the report and, in the event that irregularities are detected in its content, take the necessary measures to proceed to remove the content and take the necessary actions.
  • Transfer of the “advertisement” to other related websites.
    Communication to related websites will only take place with those websites with which NADM has signed collaboration agreements. The lack of authorization on the part of the user to communicate the “Advertisement” to third parties may lead to the impossibility of providing the services in accordance with the quality standards and with the dissemination results expected by the user.
  • Improve our services and statistics.
    We may also use the information you provide to analyze your use of our services and to obtain information about behaviors and interactions through the use of cookies. For more information, please see our Cookie Policy.
  • Market Analysis.
    We may also use your data to analyse and understand market trends so that we can improve, develop and personalise our website and services. Such analysis may be carried out directly or through third parties who analyse such data at our request (such processing will be subject to the relevant data processing agreements which will guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the data). This type of analysis allows us to intuit possible needs of our users that are then translated into promotional activities of our services in a more concrete and personalized way.
  • Prevention of abuse and fraud.
    We will also use the data to control and prevent any form of abuse of our services, such as fraudulent activities, denial of service attacks, sending spam, unauthorized access to our users’ accounts, as well as any other practice that is contrary to the General Terms and Conditions of Use of our website.

2.4. Obligation to provide us with your personal information or not:

NADM informs that the delivery of all data required for registration as a user or for the publication of an advertisement is mandatory to manage the registration, insertion or publication of escort ads, offering the services as a companion, NADM may deny registration to the interested party who does not provide such data.

2.5. Requirements for the supply of personal data:

  • Minimum age.
    To provide personal data via the website you must be over the age of majority (18 years).
  • Third party data.
    If you include personal data of other people, you must inform them of the points contained herein and have their consent, prior to inclusion.

2.6. The storage period of your personal data

All your personal data will be treated and kept to the extent strictly necessary to comply with the law or the purposes we have indicated at the time of collection or for the duration of the contractual or commercial relationship, if any.

Once the data has been cancelled or the existing contractual or commercial relationship has ended, we may keep them for the period necessary to guarantee the exercise of our legal obligations and to resolve disputes.

In any case, when your data is no longer relevant to the purposes for which it was collected, it will be deleted or anonymised, including any registration or other backup information.

2.7. Data accuracy

The user is solely responsible, in any case, for the veracity of the data provided, NADM reserving the right to exclude from the registered services any user who has provided false, vague or inaccurate data, without prejudice to other actions that proceed in law.

The user expressly declares that the data, including images, sent to NADM are its property, assuming any liability generated otherwise.

For the purposes of this contract, the use of nicknames or pseudonyms to identify users on the portal shall not be considered untrue, provided that this does not constitute an obstacle to knowing the real identity of the users or to carrying out the corresponding charges for the services contracted to NADM.

2.8. User rights

2.8.1. As a user you can:

  • Revoke the consent given for the processing of your data, at any time, when it has been the legitimate basis for the processing.However, withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent prior to withdrawal.
  • Require us to access any personal information we have about you and ask us to update, rectify or cancel it, where applicable.
  • Ask us for the portability of your data and to transmit them to another data controller, where appropriate.
  • Require us to refrain from further use of any personal data we have about you, and/or limit the treatment in certain circumstances.
  • Oppose the treatment of your data.

Given that the links that we have enabled in emails that we send have the function of unsubscribing advertising if you want to make use of any of your rights you can direct yourself to us through the enabled links that you will find in emails and communications from NADM or through postal mail at the following address: 128 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX or Remember to provide as much information as possible about your request: Name and surname, e-mail address you use for the account that is the subject of your request.

2.8.2. Protection of rights before the Supervisory Authority:

In a case of violation of your right to the protection of personal data, you can contact the national Control Authority, which is the London, United Kingdom Commission for Personal Data Protection, to initiate the appropriate procedures in claim and/or defense of your rights.

2.9. Recipients of your personal data

In general, your personal information is confidential, so it is not shared with third parties. However, in certain circumstances it may be necessary to share your personal information when we are required to comply with a legal obligation or when providing services to you requires the use of service providers with access to the information, for example, providers of web-related technology services. Below, we inform you who are the recipients of your personal data:

2.9.1. Public bodies

We may disclose to the competent public authorities the Data and any other information in our possession or that is accessible through our systems and is required in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable to the case. All this in order to prevent abuse of services or fraudulent activities in the services provided through our website.

For this reason, the personal data you provide us with may be stored and made available to administrative or judicial authorities.

2.9.2. Service providers

NADM may have contracted different services with suppliers that access personal data. All suppliers have signed agreements for the processing of personal data, limiting their processing to the purposes of the service and always under the security measures established by current legislation.

2.9.3. International Data Transfers

NADM may use servers or cloud computing service providers located outside the European Economic Area, particularly in the USA, to host the web platform for managing the ads. In this respect, the selected suppliers will at all times comply with the maximum guarantees regarding the processing of personal data, in particular, certified in the Privacy Shield EU – USA. More information at

2.9.4. Third Party Privacy Policies

This Privacy Policy only refers to the collection, processing and use of information (relating to personal data) by us through your interaction with our website. Other third party websites that you may access through links from NADM have their own privacy policies. We encourage you to be aware of the privacy policies offered by these third parties before providing them with any personal information.

2.10. Confidentiality and security measures:

NADM guarantees the maximum reserve and confidentiality of the communications carried out with the user, as well as the due and diligent treatment of the personal data given by the user.

NADM undertakes not to reveal any confidential information, nor to inform about any data object of treatment, except in cases in which the law expressly requires it, in the cases exposed in the section of Transfers or when they are required of the competent public authorities in accordance with the legal and regulatory provisions applicable to the case.

NADM has implemented the necessary security measures to ensure the effective use and processing of personal data provided by the user, safeguarding the privacy, confidentiality and integrity of them and makes use of the technical means necessary to prevent alteration, loss, unauthorized access or processing of their data, depending on the state of technology at all times, as well as the scope of control of NADM.

NADM may modify the content of its privacy policy at any time in accordance with any changes in legislation, case law or the interpretation of the London, United Kingdom Commission for Personal Data Protection that may occur.

This Privacy Policy was amended on February 8, 2022.

3. Information about data protection

First layer

Basic information about Data Protection

Responsible :- New All Digital Marketing (hereinafter, NADM).

Purpose:- To provide information of interest about the company and inform users of our products and services.

Legitimation ;-Relationship between the parties in the framework of web browsing, or a contact or consultation with the company.

Recipients :- No data assignments are foreseen.

Rights :- Access, rectification, deletion, opposition, portability and treatment limitation.

International Transfer:- US

Additional information You can consult the detailed information on Data Protection on our website:

Second layer

Information about Data Protection

Responsible :- NADM

Provision of classified advertising services for adults.

Purpose :- We inform you that NADM, treats your data with the purpose of our products or services.

The period of preservation of your data will be that necessary for the maintenance of the contractual relationship and, once it ends, for a maximum of 5 years.

Legitimation:- We treat your data in the context of the user’s browsing through our website, or a contact or consultation with our company through e-mail or contact forms, etc.

Recipients :- No data assignments are foreseen.

Rights :-You can exercise at any time your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, as well as, where appropriate, the right to portability and limitation of treatment, listed in the GDPR (EU) 216/679, by writing to:

In any case, you can contact the Commission for Personal Data Protection, to initiate the appropriate procedures in defense of your rights.

Origin:- The personal data is obtained directly from the interested party.

The categories of data that are treated are the following:

  • Identification data of navigation
  • Client codes
  • Postal or electronic address
  • Commercial information

Delegate of Data Protection:- Internal

International transfer:-
During the provision of services your data may be stored in servers located in the US. This transfer is covered by the EU- US Privacy Shield At NADM, we comply with the legal guarantees established to protect the privacy of your personal data.

Additional information:-
You can consult the detailed information on Data Protection on our website:

4. Cookie policy

4.1. ¿What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are sent to the User’s computer, mobile phone or other access device when he/she visits a web page and that allow to obtain and gather information related to his/her navigation information about his/her navigation and may even recognize his/her computer or device.

Cookies are essential for the functioning of the Internet, providing countless advantages in the provision of interactive services, facilitating navigation and usability of web pages. Cookies cannot harm your computer and while being enabled they help identify and resolve errors in accessing web pages or their services.

New All Digital Marketing (hereinafter, NADM) uses cookies to collect information about user usage and improve the browsing experience. By using and browsing the Web, users accept and consent to NADM storing cookies on their computer or electronic device for the aforementioned purposes. Likewise, you acknowledge the possibility of rejecting the processing of such data or information by rejecting the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings for that purpose in your browser. While this cookie blocking option in your browser may not allow you to fully use all of NADM’s functionality.

We proceed to detail the use of cookies made by NADM in order to inform you as accurately as possible.

4.2. What cookies does NADM use?

4.2.1. Own Cookies

Required Cookies
They are those that allow the user to navigate through a web page, platform or application and to use the different options or services that exist in it, such as, for example, controlling traffic and data communication, identifying the session, accessing restricted access parts, remembering the elements that make up an order, carrying out the purchase process of an order, applying for registration or participation in an event, using security elements during navigation, storing content for the dissemination of videos or sound or sharing content through social networks.

Name                                                                Description                                                                          Duration

cookies_aceptadas                       The level of cookies that the user has accepted.                                       Persistent

usuario_adulto                                The user claims to be of age                                                                   Persistent

cped                                                 Continue purchase not finished.                                                            Session

idsc                                                 Identifies the client panel session.                                                           Session

idsp                                        Identifies the advertising panel session.                                                           Session

idsn                                          Identifies the control panel session.                                                               Session

idusu                                                  Differentiates users.                                                                             Persistent

last                                                         Last URL used.                                                                                 Persistent

  • Preference Cookies

They are those that allow the user to access the service with some general characteristics predefined according to a series of criteria in the user’s terminal such as, for example, the language, the type of browser through which the service is accessed, the regional configuration from which the service is accessed, etc

We use these cookies to provide you with a better experience using our website. However, you can deactivate them if you wish.

Name                                                           Description                                                 Duration

anuncios_favoritos                            Ads you’ve bookmarked.                                      Persistent

4.2.2. Third-party cookies

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. headquartered in the United States at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California 94043.

These cookies are used in their anonymous IP format. We do not share the data with third parties, nor do we use third party plugins on the website that may access these data. For this reason, they can be created without express consent. However, you can deactivate them if you wish.

The user can revoke their consent to the use of cookies in their browser through the options of the developer of the browser they are using, or by installing an opt-out system through the links of some third parties that install cookies on the website.

Google Analytics Opt-out:

Name                               Description                                Domain                             Duration

_ga                            Differentiates users.                         Google                               2 years
_gat             Limits the percentage of applications.          Google                              1 minute
_gid                          Differentiates users.                          Google                              24 hours

  • Google Captcha

Name                               Description                                Domain                             Duration

NID                             Differentiates users.                        Google                              6 months

4.3. Blocking cookies

You can allow, block, or delete cookies installed on your computer by configuring the browser options installed on your computer by following the instructions:

Google Chrome: Tools → Settings → Show advanced options → Content settings → Cookies → Block site data and third party cookies

Mozilla Firefox: Tools → Options → Privacy → History → Use a custom setting for history (uncheck all boxes).

Internet Explorer: Tools → Internet Options → Privacy → Settings for the Internet zone (move the navigation bar up to Block all cookies).

Safari: Edition → Preferences → Privacy → Block cookies (select “always”).

Or through the following links:

Setting Cookies in Internet Explorer
Setting Cookies in Chrome
Setting Cookies in Firefox
Setting Cookies in Safari on Mac
Setting Cookies in Safari on iPhone and iPad
Also, most browsers allow you to activate a private mode by which cookies are always deleted after the visit.

Finally, NADM reserves the right to modify the Cookies Policy at any time. Therefore, Users should periodically consult the Cookies Policy.

If you have questions about our cookie policy, you can contact us through the usual channels.